Here’s what I wish EVERYONE knew about car insurance.


I just quit my job at a massive auto insurance company. Here’s what I wish EVERYONE knew about car insurance.

After spending over a year as a supervisor at one of the largest insurance companies in the US, I can say with certainty that most people don’t know the first thing about car insurance. To help you out, here are some of the basics that everyone should know.

Please note that this information may vary depending on the insurance company you choose. However, most of these things are pretty universal.

#11. Shop around every year or two.

Insurance rates are always changing, especially as cars become more and more expensive to fix. Rate increases are just a part of the industry and shouldn’t be taken personally. Shop around for a better deal on your insurance premiums every year by getting quotes from different companies.

Although sometimes car insurance aggregators have better deal updates and aggregator-specific special offers, before making any purchase from an aggregator site, make sure that you are getting the best deal by verifying the price directly on the company websites for the most accurate information.

Here are the five best auto insurance companies which you can consider –USAA, State Farm, Geico, Nationwide, Farmers (These five best car insurance companies’ information taken from

#10. Don’t let your insurance run out EVER

One of the worst things you can do is to lapse in your insurance coverage. You risk fines and your license could be suspended. It’s also incredibly expensive to get insurance when you’re in a lapse.

Go down to the minimum amount of money you need to live in your state, but don’t let it run out. Get on autopay (so you don’t have to worry about manually paying it every month), and make sure your card is updated.

#9. Pay in full

Paying your insurance policy in full usually entitles you to a nice discount from the company. If you have the money available, it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of this.

#8. Don’t hide activity from insurers

On a daily basis, I would have customers call in for quotes and not disclose an accident, ticket, or suspension that they had in the past, thinking insurers don’t check. However, insurers do check these things.

Be honest about your activity level up front to get an accurate price. Don’t waste everyone’s time by getting a policy with a rate that is too low or that will be cancelled.