This Is How to Get Your Dream Job Quicker than You Think


Send a follow up

It’s your dream job we’re talking about.

Don’t go through all that effort and then be a lazy ass and wait to hear back. ‘Proactive” is your middle name, remember?

Follow up after the interview with a right hook to the face email.

Example: “Even if I don’t get the job, I learned this one thing… It’s made the whole interview process worth it regardless of the outcome. Thanks again for the opportunity. Would be good to stay connected too.”

Expect rejection

It’s your dream job. It’s supposed to be hard. Don’t cry like a baby if you get rejected.

Do this instead:

“Is there anything I can improve on?”
“How would I go about finding out about future opportunities so I can try again? I’m persistent and this is a career goal of mine.”

Bottom line

Start conversations in person or online. Look for the third door. Before an interview, bring enormous value. Show you’ve put some effort in.

That’s how you get your dream job quicker than you think.