This Is How to Get Your Dream Job Quicker than You Think


If there’s a dream company you want to work for, then your LinkedIn account is how you get an unfair advantage.

Find employees who already work for the brand (ideally mutual connections). If you have none then look up employees likely to be around the dream job you want. Start conversations with them.

Once there’s a bit of rapport going don’t ask them for help.

Tell them what your goal is.

Sample line:

My goal is to work for Microsoft. Obviously you work there. What have you seen people in my position do to get a job there? What did YOU do at the start to get an opportunity? Feel free not to share if you aren’t comfortable.

This strategy will lead to warm intros. Some people may even be wild enough to give you a reference or introduce you to hiring managers.

Takeaway: Careers that explode upwards obliterate reactive approaches and smash the door down with proactive efforts.

Do these things if you get to interview for a dream job

The gift of an interview is where a lot of employees screw up.

They think they’ve got the job. They think they’re smart for trying the third door. The truth is it’s just the beginning.

The interview is where you show value. It’s not where you expand on what your resume already says.

Here’s the unstoppable approach I use to get massive career wins:

Write a 90-day plan

…as if you were to get the job. Make it clear, detailed, and optimistic. Doesn’t need to be perfect — it just needs to show creativity.

Talk to customers.

OMG! Hardly anyone does this.

If you want to go and work for Microsoft, talk to their customers. Find out what they want. Get some market research. It’s not hard. Everyone you know uses at least one Microsoft product LOL.

Write down three things that are great about your dream company

And three potential opportunities for improvement. Discuss how you’d approach these opportunities. Use humility. Don’t be an Eddie Expert.

Talk about influencing

Business boils down to, can you influence others to get stuff done? If you can then you’ll not only get a dream job, but you’ll get paid the big bucks. Give examples of how you’ve influenced people in business. Explain how you used the third door to get the job interview.

Become their customer

When you’re a customer an employer looks different.

The insights you have will be awesome in interviews. Heck, I even became a stockholder of one company and mentioned it in the interview.

“Actually, I own part of your company so I believe in what you do. Part of my financial future depends on it.”