This Is How to Get Your Dream Job Quicker than You Think


It’s child’s play when you break it into these simple steps.

I hope to never work a job again.

But I’ve spent most of my career in jobs. A decade of working in finance gave me an interesting perspective.

I got to see many people get their version of a dream job. My curiosity would often go into hyperdrive, so I’d ask them how they did it. Eventually I used what I learned to get my dream job.

Here’s what I learned about dream jobs while chasing my own.

The bizarre thing about a dream job

My dream job was unexpected and isn’t what you’d think.

I got a job working with two other guys. We became best friends. The work we did isn’t anything to tell your mother about. But the bonds we formed made it my dream job.

I have fantasies about working a dream job like this again. Yet, I know it’s unlikely to ever happen once more.

The autonomy of self-employment is too good to give up.

Takeaway: The people you work with make a job a dream.

Find the third door

Many employees are delusional.

They think they’ll find their dream job via a job ad aka the front door.


Job postings are nothing more than ads. Many of them aren’t even real. They’re a way to collect email addresses. Lol. You could say job ads are a lead magnet. Don’t worry, I’m a sucker, I fell for it too.

The second door is where you patiently warm your office seat each day waiting for an opportunity to come up. This is the career ladder p*rn HR sell to attract talent. Most of the time it’s a mirage.

Dream jobs are found when you look for the third door.


You have conversations. Instead of competing for jobs you become a connector of humans. Let me tell you how it happened to me.

I got in a lift. A farmer got in at the same time. I struck up a conversation — not small talk. The next day I saw him again in the hallway. We spoke some more.

I did this several times with zero self-interest.

Eventually we got to know each other through work. He turned out to be a big shot that managed one of the largest tech companies in the world.

He introduced me to everyone he knew. (These are people you can’t look up on LinkedIn.) One day a job came up. It was working with him.

No job ad went up.

“Hey Timbo, you wanna come work for me mate?”

That’s it. I got to name the salary. I got to name the hours. I got to pick the office. I got to handpick the clients I wanted. I didn’t work based on the company rules. Our team had our own rules.

Like I said, best job in the world. All from hallway conversations.

Smash the third door down

Another trick is to use LinkedIn — but not how dummies do.

Spend time each day finding interesting people. Spark up conversations with them in DMs. Read what they say online before you reach out.