The 7 Investments That Will Make You Extremely Rich in 2022


What do you think Jeff Bezos makes in a day? How much is $100,000? How about a million dollars?

A million dollars each day is 365 million dollars per year.

The difference is that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos earned 39.2 billion dollars in 2019, or 107 million dollars every 24 hours. Isn’t that absurd? This is not by chance, as wealthy people are primarily preoccupied with asset acquisition.

An asset is anything that continuously returns money to your bank account.

Unfortunately, we spend most of our money on liabilities like cars, phones, and houses that require regular cash withdrawals. As a result, we don’t witness the same wealth growth as wealthy people.

In fact, some people are so in debt that they are getting poorer by the day.

This is one of the most important things you will ever learn, so pay close attention. We will examine the seven most vital assets that the wealthy acquire to increase their fortune.

Businesses come first.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Shark Tank, you know that the sharks are after valuable companies, especially ones with potential.

In a successful firm, you can make the finest possible investment. A business, unlike other assets, is always generating something, whether it is a service or a product.

They are always refining and producing new items to stay ahead of their competitors.

Profitable company investments are the best way to preserve and grow your wealth while creating cash flow.

Buying a part in a business, even a corner shop, is simply too pricey for most people.

Despite our complex financial system, firms are split down into millions, if not billions of small pieces, allowing practically everyone to control a tiny slice of any multi-billion dollar company simply by investing in the stock market.

Royalties are the second type.

Jeff Bezos filed a patent application for an online ordering system in 1999.

It’s called “One-Click Purchasing.” It allows customers to make purchases using payment information previously inputted and saved on their computer.

The consumer can purchase an item with one click utilising a pre-determined address and credit card number rather than manually entering billing and shipping information for each purchase.

You don’t need to enter your credit card information twice to buy an app from the Apple Store. Simply double-click the side button and the software will utilise your saved payment card.

For the first five years, Apple and every other company that used this technology paid a small royalty to Jeff Bezos. It may seem ludicrous to you, but it is reality.

Governments created patents to encourage new ideas and inventions. Because you worked so hard to create a new product or service, you will be granted a 20-year patent that only you and those you have authorised may use.

Sure, you may either profit directly from your invention or licence it to others for a little commission every time they use it, like Jeff Bezos did.

Devleoping a usable technology is perhaps one of the best passive income ideas ever; yet devleoping a useful technology takes time and effort. That’s why firms all over the world, especially in the U.S., file hundreds of patents every year, even if they don’t need them.

Mutual funds

Financial hardship comes in two flavours. The first is when you don’t have enough of something, which we all know well.

The second case is when you have too much money and must manage it. Putting money in the bank isn’t an option either because the interest rate on fixed deposits is too low to be worthwhile.

However, mutual funds are an alternative investment. Index funds aren’t mutual funds!

The market is closely monitored by mutual funds, which seek to outperform it, if only by a small margin.

A 1% difference in a billion dollar investment means ten million dollars in greater long-term earnings. So, if you get a 2 or 3% higher offer, you’re looking at an extra $20 or $30 million.

That’s why the wealthy store much of their money in mutual funds, where they can sit back and watch it grow.

A skill or a knowledge base can be an asset as well as a tangible product or royalty.


It’s not an asset in the traditional sense, but it is in many ways. Having a skill that is always in demand provides a steady stream of income, even if it takes some time.

Consider surgeons, whose skill requires years of education and training. Due to the lack of competition, you may charge a premium for your services, which is why many surgeons are billionaires. Of course, this also applies to other professions like lawyers and doctors.

Skills like coding, online commerce, and computer languages have become increasingly relevant in recent years and may be studied at home.

It’s a great option for people just starting out on their financial independence journey. If you don’t have enough money to invest in the stock market, you can invest in yourself, which could yield considerably better long-term profits.

The Property Market

Which is probably the most common form of asset. Not by chance, because it can be touched and felt, it also fulfils one of the most basic human needs: shelter.

Renting property is one of the best sources of passive income.
Of course, hustling and capital are still required, but it is manageable. A property’s location determines its overall quality.

If it’s not in the best location, it can quickly become a major liability, preventing you from renting it out while still paying the utilities expenses.

I know folks who inherited properties they don’t want to live in but can’t rent because the location isn’t a tourist hotspot. Regardless, they must pay the bills to keep the residence debt-free.

Because the house is in a desired location, it will rent quickly even if it is not in perfect condition. You know what’s more valuable than real estate?

Internet-based products

Making good music is a difficult endeavour. But once you’ve done that, it will keep earning money permanently. Consider Eminem, who has been at the top of the music industry for two decades.

Many people still listen to his music, such as “I am not afraid,” even though it was released in 2010. Musicians have also benefited from the rise of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

But you are not confined to music. Online products including courses, programmes, apps, and software are becoming increasingly popular.


From a different perspective, they may be far more beneficial than you think.

Amazing things can happen when a diverse bunch of creative people join together.

You’ve devised a business plan.

Knowing the right people can make the process of starting a business a lot easier. Finding the appropriate individual to guide you could save you years, if not decades of experience. Because we live in a society where social distance is rising, try networking through digital tools like LinkedIn.

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This list may have been longer, but I chose to include only the most critical