February 29, 2024

1. Bakery

Cakes and various bakery items consistently enjoy high demand. Numerous small entrepreneurs generate good earnings by selling cakes, pastries, and baked goods from their homes through this low-investment business idea.

Most ingredients needed for baking can be ordered fresh from the market, eliminating the need to stock up on raw materials.

2. Food Truck

Food trucks are popular, offering snacks, fast food, and pizzas. To start this business, one can acquire an old truck and ensure a steady supply of veggies, pizza bases, mayonnaise, etc., for continuous orders.

While the funds required for this low-investment idea may slightly exceed Rs. 1 lakh, a savvy entrepreneur might manage everything within this budget.

3. Selling Homemade Food Items

Homemade items are highly sought after as people prefer healthy food. Selling homemade pickles, jams, chocolates, and snacks is possible without significant investment.

Entrepreneurs can use social media groups, channels, or even launch an app for online orders. The initial investment for this low-investment business idea is less than Rs. 1 lakh.

4. Cloud Kitchens

In India, the tiffin system, traditionally run by homemakers, faces competition from food delivery companies. However, they can revive and compete using social media connections.

Cloud kitchens are commercial kitchens that accept online orders, and food delivery companies transport the prepared food. With shrewd business planning, one can manage expenses within Rs. 1 lakh.

5. Food Delivery Business

Starting a small-scale food delivery business is feasible. Many caterers and restaurants seek delivery partners for their orders. Investing in a second-hand vehicle enables starting a food delivery business with minimal investment.

Acquiring a van would cost up to Rs. 1,00,000. If successful, this low-cost business idea allows handling multiple consignments simultaneously.

6. Vegetable Business

The vegetable business, requiring an initial investment of less than Rs. 1 lakh, is a high-profit idea. In a health-conscious world, fresh vegetable suppliers are in demand.

Instead of opening a vegetable shop, one can tap into the home delivery trend by selling vegetables door-to-door, making it a more profitable venture.

7. Sell Courses

Starting a course-selling business is among the most profitable ideas, requiring minimal investment. Adequate knowledge in a specific domain that garners enough audience is essential.

For instance, a trading expert can create online courses for intraday or F&O trading, while skilled homemakers can develop cooking courses. Subscribers can access or download the course online for a set price.

8. Career Counselling

Individuals with strong academic backgrounds or those in academia can initiate an online career counselling business. Career counselling involves guiding young students to choose the right path, acting as mentors to shape their careers.

No initial investment is needed for these innovative low-investment ideas. Charging based on the class level for online career counselling is also an option.

9. Yoga Instructor

Given the widespread passion for health and fitness, someone well-versed in yoga and meditation can start offering classes. The beauty of starting a yoga class lies in its lack of initial investment. Spaces like basements, open terraces, or living rooms can be utilized for yoga training, eliminating the need to purchase or rent any dedicated space for this low-investment venture.

10. Fitness Classes

Starting a fitness class is a lucrative low-investment idea as it doesn’t require purchasing dedicated space. Utilize lawns, terraces, or playgrounds for regular fitness sessions.

Promote classes through social media and fitness communities to reach more interested individuals. Classes can encompass various activities like Zumba dance sessions to keep participants fit.

11. Dietitian

The increasing health consciousness has elevated the demand for dietitians. Establishing a nutritionist business can thrive with low investment. Offer personalized diets based on health conditions, preferences, and fitness goals. Expanding the business could involve manufacturing dietary products, offering consultations, and organizing health-related events.

12. Jewellery Business

The jewellery rental business is manageable with an investment of Rs 1 lakh. Maintain a stock of artificial jewellery for sale or rent. This business idea extends beyond jewellery to include apparel and accessories like sarees, sherwanis, and coats.

13. Fashion Designing

Fashion designing becomes a business opportunity when approached with an entrepreneurial mindset. The global apparel market’s continual growth presents vast possibilities for fashion designers specializing in various categories.

Collaborate with prominent clothing brands, charging reasonable fees per design. Initial investment covers graphic design solutions necessary for showcasing the designed products.

14. Footwear Designing

For individuals valuing both comfort and aesthetics in footwear, starting a shoe-designing business can be a passion-driven venture. Research competitors, understand the market, and formulate a business strategy accordingly.

Serve a diverse customer base or focus on a specific niche like kids’ shoes, women’s or men’s shoes, sports or formal shoes, etc. Options include starting a footwear business from scratch or acquiring an existing franchise.

15. Clothing Business

The t-shirt printing business proves lucrative for those aiming to start with a budget of Rs. 1 lakh. Affordable printing machines, costing a few thousand, are available in the market.

Alternatively, one can venture into an online clothing business by designing garments. Designers can collaborate with clothing manufacturers that accept a minimum MOQ for startups. Another approach is buying readymade clothes from the wholesale market, adding a label, and selling them at a customized price on online platforms.

16. Boutique

Starting a boutique with minimal investment is feasible, particularly as people, especially women, prefer shopping at fashion boutiques. Offering hand-designed clothes adds uniqueness. Utilizing social media platforms can tap into local demand during festivals and the wedding season.

For less than Rs 1 lakh, an entrepreneur can curate a small collection of dresses and apparel. Setting up a boutique at home is an option if commercial space isn’t available.

17. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can launch an online business, taking orders for social media posts, logo designs, and other marketing-related designs. Those lacking graphic design skills may need to invest in professional courses or hire experienced designers.

18. Digital Marketing Agency

Launching a digital marketing agency ranks among high-profit business ideas, requiring minimal investment. Entrepreneurs can start solo or with partners well-versed in digital marketing, content creation, and graphic design.

The initial investment encompasses software, marketing tools, and other necessary setups for online business promotion. Spending on licensed editing software, paid marketing tools, and a laptop forms a small but essential investment.

19. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing proves lucrative as it involves promoting products from popular brands on your website. Even without a blog or website, one can engage in affiliate marketing by enrolling in programs like Amazon’s.

Earn commissions each time a customer makes a purchase through the provided links. Consider creating a website or blog that garners sufficient daily traffic.

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