25 Most Popular Jobs Today and for the Future


9. Lawyer

Median salary: $122,960

Projected jobs: 32,300

Education needed: Doctorate

Bottom line: As much as everyone likes to drag lawyers, the truth is that we need them. There are various kinds of lawyers so you can choose to practice in the way that best suits your interest.

That can mean being in court or behind a desk. Lawyers famously make a lot of money and, depending on their ethics, they can do a lot of good.

8. Financial Manager

Median salary: $129,890

Projected jobs: 108,100

Education needed: Bachelor’s

Bottom line: If you love managing money and can handle the pressure of dealing with millions of dollars, consider studying to be a financial manager.

Financial managers help companies handle their finances and are responsible for advising organizations on how to increase profits. This means making budgets, creating reports and being on top of where the money is coming from and going to.

Many people snooze at this, but it can be a pretty high-stakes and interesting job.

7. Marketing Manager

Median salary: $136,850

Projected jobs: 19,100

Education needed: Bachelor’s

Bottom line: Love selling ideas to people? If you’re a marketing whiz and have strong people and leadership skills, you could be a marketing manager.

In this role, you lead a team of marketing professionals and are responsible for also meeting with the higher-ups to represent the marketing department.

6. Petroleum Engineer

Median salary: $137,720

Projected jobs: 1,100

Education needed: Bachelor’s

Bottom line: Petroleum might not have an infinite future in this world, but it is still a high-paying job, and its job prospects are not too bad.

Petroleum engineers make it possible for companies to extract petroleum from the ground (or the sea). You could design equipment and also come up with ways to do the process in a more cost-efficient way.

You will build a transferable skill set that can set you up for success if you ever want to transition to clean energy.