25 Most Popular Jobs Today and for the Future


13. Physician Assistant

Median salary: $112,260

Projected jobs: 39,300

Education needed: Master’s

Bottom line: Physician assistants are halfway between nurse practitioners and physicians. They can do more than nurse practitioners, like giving a diagnosis and performing minor procedures, but there are certain things, like surgery, where a physician is necessary by law.

The main perk of this job is that it requires a bit less schooling than being a physician, so it’s a good alternative for people who don’t have the financial flexibility to study for longer.

Physician assistant was rated the number one best job by U.S. World & News Report.

12. Computer Network Architect

Median salary: $112,690

Projected jobs: 8,000

Education needed: Bachelor’s

Bottom line: The magic of computer networks doesn’t just happen on its own. A digital architect is behind it. If you’d love designing and building networks like the cloud, this is the job for you.

Of course, IT skills are necessary, but you’ll also need to understand the needs of the companies you work for, in order to design systems within their budget.

This job has a 0.7 percent unemployment rate, so you’re basically guaranteed a job if you have the skills.

11. Optometrist

Median salary: $115,250

Projected jobs: 1,900

Education needed: Doctorate

Bottom line: Optometrists provide primary vision care by performing eye exams and vision tests, prescribing corrective lenses, detecting some eye abnormalities and prescribing medications for some eye diseases. They are not medical doctors, like an ophthalmologist who is licensed to practice medicine and do surgery, but we all need optometrists.

This is a job for those who want to serve the community while earning well. The number of projected jobs isn’t as high as some other jobs, but it’s a job that is safe. At least until robots can examine your eyes.

You will have to get a medical degree, so you’ll spend long years in school. But it’ll be worth it to help people who need eye exams.

10. Pilot

Median salary: $121,430

Projected jobs: 6,100

Education needed: Bachelor’s

Bottom line: Humanity has been flying for more than 100 years, but the idea of being a pilot continues to be exciting and romantic. You’ll get paid a pretty penny to fly around the world, either for commercial, cargo or private airplanes.

Plus, a bachelor’s degree and flight time is enough to get you flying. The pressure and the hours are rough, but it can be well worth it.

That being said, this job can suffer from unexpected events. So be expect the unexpected.