25 Most Popular Jobs Today and for the Future


In the 21st century, no amount of education guarantees a bright future and a salary you can live on comfortably. More than ever, it is important to evaluate the return of your investment and the potential for career growth.

To help you choose a career that will be fulfilling and financially rewarding, we’ve identified the 25 best jobs, based on projected job growth and median salary. All of them are projected to grow and pay at least $90,000.

25. Computer Systems Analyst

*Data is from the U.S. News & World Report 100 Best Jobs 2021. Ranking is based on median salary for positions with projected jobs of over 1,000.

Median salary: $90,920

Projected jobs: 46,600

Education needed: Bachelor’s

Bottom line: It’s no surprise that information technology (IT) skills are in hot demand. You don’t even need advanced secondary education to make big bucks. For a career in computer system analysis, you can be making $90,000 with only a bachelor’s degree.

The job entails analyzing and designing computer systems that will enhance client experiences. You’ll need to be good at research, do cost-benefit analyses and plan new systems.

24. Statistician

Median salary: $91,160

Projected jobs: 14,800

Education needed: Master’s

Bottom line: If you’re good enough at statistics to have a masters in mathematics or a related field, you can consider becoming a statistician. You’ll collect, analyze and interpret data and report it back to clients.

As to who those clients are, the possibilities are endless. Nearly every industry needs statisticians so you can be working in fields like sports, government, healthcare or anything else that interests you.

23. Database Administrator

Median salary: $93,750

Projected jobs: 12,800

Education needed: Bachelor’s

Bottom line: Databases are key to the functioning of many companies. Because of this, database administrators are becoming increasingly in demand.

This job makes sure data is being collected effectively and correctly. Database administrators also have to fix any blips that may come up and perform upgrades.

22. Data Scientist

Median salary: $94,280

Projected jobs: 10,300

Education needed: Bachelor’s

Bottom line: The ability to collect unimaginable quantities of data provides another job opportunity.

Data science is a field that is of interest to many industries. Everyone from newspapers to the government to tech startups need data scientists.

You won’t be administering the database, but rather analysing sets of data by using statistics, programming and other skills.

21. Construction Manager

Median salary: $95,260

Projected jobs: 40,400

Education needed: Bachelor’s

Bottom line: Few of us think about everything that it takes to construct a building, a highway or a bridge. If you’d like to be the one thinking about it, construction management might be for you.

This career only requires a bachelor’s degree and generously. You’ll be in charge of managing contracts, supplies, payroll, permits, schedules and more.

Because of the explosion of development and construction, this job is projected to add around 40,000 jobs in the next few years.

20. Veterinarian

Median salary: $95,460

Projected jobs: 14,200

Education needed: Doctorate

Bottom line: As culture shifts to including more animal rights and people have more pets, the demand for veterinarians increases. And it is not projected to slow down any time soon.

Besides earning around $95,000, you’ll also get the satisfaction of helping animals in need and bringing joy to their human families.

Just prepare to spend a lot of years in school.

19. Information Security Analyst

Median salary: $99,730

Projected jobs: 40,900

Education needed: Bachelor’s

Bottom line: Data breaches and hackings are bound to happen and will probably become more and more common in the years to come.

Companies hire information security analysts for protection. Their job is to catch vulnerabilities in security systems and correct them.

The job pays well and can give you some bragging rights.

18. Business Operations Manager

Median salary: $100,780

Projected jobs: 143,800

Education needed: Bachelor’s

Bottom line: This job is in demand, and it’s expected to add 143,800 positions in the upcoming year.

Every company needs a business operations manager to plan and organize how the company will do what it’s set out to do. You need to have knowledge of business and economics, and also have leadership and problem-solving skills.

You can break into the six-figure club with a bachelor’s degree.