How to Superscript in Google Docs and Superscript

Write a document in MS word it’s an old and traditional method that we followed for a very long time. Let’s think about a situation, when a group of people works on the same project and everyone has contributed something to each topic on the project, right. Now, everyone has to write some lines to make a good report, at least the topic where they contributed. After giving a more or less complete picture of the report every must read and give some suggestions to make it better.

Now, think if you are in a traditional medium, after complete your job you have to share the file with others, and then someone’s job is completed and shares with others and others. After the end of the job how many files you have downloaded and how much time you have wasted by shearing and waiting for the other.

Now, think you are in Google docs, start writing and shear the link with others, no ado of downloading as well as you can check the file simultaneously. So, Google doc is cool you know.

Now, in a project subscript and superscript are repeatedly required to get the point easily. How can we do that in Google docs?

How to do Superscript in Google Docs?

It is very simple to make superscript if you follow the steps thoroughly. There are three different approaches to do so.

  1. Using the Format Tool:

  • Select the word or letter that you want as superscript
  • Go to the navigation bar and select “Format”
  • Drag the mouse and click on “Text”
  • Once again drag the mouse on second pop up and select “Superscript”
  1. Using Short Cut:

  • Select the word or letter that you want as superscript
  • Go to your keyboard and press “ctrl+.” (i.e. press ctrl and dot(.) at the same time).
  1. Using Symbols:

  • First of all, put your cursor behind the word where you want the superscript.
  • Go to the navigation bar and select “Insert”
  • Drag down the mouse through the popup and click on “Special Characters”
  • A pop up is come, named as “Insert Special Characters”
  • Just below the heading, you find two boxes with two arrows
  • Select “Symbol” in the first box
  • Select “Superscript” in the second box
  • And finally, click on your desire superscript symbol

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