How I Completely Changed My Career Using LinkedIn!


The Four Dont’s of LinkedIn

Here are a few quick points on things to avoid that will stop your progress and screw up your career, which we don’t want.

Quit personal branding

It’s overwhelming how much advice there is to build a brand. The person you show up as every day is your brand, so aim to be a better human being. No one wants your business card, fancy logo or personalized hashtag jammed down their throat so you can build a brand and become famous. LinkedIn is not Hollywood and, frankly, no one cares about your need to build a personal brand.

Don’t start public arguments

It’s not Twitter and you don’t need to bring your pitchforks. Have your opinion, be respectful, and drop the need to win every argument. It’s not a competition, and none of us are freaking Einstein.

Don’t post offensive content

Harsh political posts, nudity, and using LinkedIn like Tinder are considered offensive content that is best left to other platforms. Watch your language too and try not to drop too many F-bombs (guilty, occasionally, your honor).

Don’t tear others down

People will make mistakes, including me. I posted about Jordan Belfort, The Wolf Of Wall Street, and then later regretted it when I did a little more research. We all make mistakes and your job is not to be the LinkedIn police and stroll in on your chariot with blue and white flashing lights and issue a speeding fine. Build others up instead.

Learning how to use LinkedIn and become helpful has completely changed my career. It has given me passive income, a voice, new careers, awesome friends, and opportunities that I could never have dreamed of. It wasn’t followers, algorithm hacks, overnight success, posting videos, or getting help from influencers, it was learning to become a better person.

LinkedIn has made me a better person and that has transferred into other areas of my life and given me a career that I could never have imagined.

If you want to completely transform your career, then you need to become a better person first and that’s entirely achievable.