How I Completely Changed My Career Using LinkedIn!

  • Reply to some comments
  • Answer questions in your direct messages
  • Start conversations

If all you do is post and never be social, it’s going to feel like you’re in the middle of a national park screaming at the top of your lungs and only hearing back the echo of your own voice.

Don’t overdo it though. I don’t respond to everything because it just takes too much time. However, I try to be as social as I can and be helpful in those encounters. Do the same.

Test comments as content ideas

One of my favorite people to follow on LinkedIn is Oleg Vishnepolsky. He gave me this advice and it’s brilliant.

If you’re not sure what content to share, try going on someone’s post and leaving a comment with an idea. Oleg does this all the time, and then based on the comments he gets back, he learns whether his thought or advice was helpful.

The comment section is gold if you use it as a place to test your experiments.

Take content off other platforms

This is one way I am able to generate so much content on LinkedIn. Articles that I publish elsewhere on the internet are posted again on LinkedIn.

Before using this strategy, be thoughtful. Every social media platform has its own voice and purpose. Not everything I write is good for LinkedIn. Content that is too personal or could be deemed offensive is generally best left off LinkedIn.

One tip I tell people all the time is that everything in life can be tied back to business or your career. A common comment on LinkedIn is “isn’t this post meant for Facebook?”

The answer after being on the platform so many years is no.

Business is life. Life is business. Everything that happens to you affects your career and therefore is worthy of posting on LinkedIn. It’s how you present it that counts.