How I Completely Changed My Career Using LinkedIn!


The point of social media is to be social and once you’ve been on LinkedIn for a while, you too will get invited to these group chats.

Acknowledge others’ achievements

Don’t be envious when someone gets a promotion or has an article they wrote reach millions of people. Be incredibly happy for them. Shoot them a message, leave them a comment, and be happy when people win.

You rise on LinkedIn and change your career by lifting others up in the process.

Sublimely talk to people

This one is going to sound bonkers and it’s incredibly cool.

You can subliminally talk to customers, future employers, your boss, and your colleagues using LinkedIn. They won’t see everything you post, but if you say the same thing enough times, they will.

You can check whether your messages are getting through to them by checking their LinkedIn activity on their profile page. If they liked or commented, you were heard.

Take a break

You can quickly become overwhelmed if you overdo it. You don’t need to be on LinkedIn while in the lift or posting while you’re supposed to be in a work meeting. Take a chill pill, relax, and focus on your time on being helpful daily, not every minute of every day.

I also use the weekend as a bit of a break. It’s easy to get caught in the bubble of LinkedIn if you don’t get away once in a while and think about the sort of person you are being and behaving.

A question that helps me reflect and take a break is: What would my 104-year-old grandmother think about what I’m doing?

This helps me reflect and see if I’m being kind, humble, useful, and not a smart ass.

Be social

There are lots of people that post on social media and never engage with the audience. They want all the perks, high-fives, and free lunches yet they won’t get out of their own little world and answer a question or be kind to another human being.

If you want to 10X your career on LinkedIn