How I Completely Changed My Career Using LinkedIn!


Disconnect from fear of judgment

When I started getting some traction on LinkedIn, people wanted me to coach them on how they could do it too. The number one thing I found through coaching was that people didn’t need to know how to log into LinkedIn, click create post, and share a video or a few lines of text (that’s all there is to it by the way).

The how-to need was actually just a fear of judgment in disguise. Each person I coached was overthinking how they would be seen. You can never predict how people will perceive you, and you will go insane if you try.

Think of it this way

  • 50% of people will love your stuff on LinkedIn
  • 25% will hate everything you do
  • 10% of people can’t make up their mind
  • 5% of people will troll you or leave harsh comments
  • The rest will just want to go on their lunch break and take advantage of Taco Tuesday (like me)

When you can stop worrying about being judged, your LinkedIn account and your career will explode.

The theme you’re starting to see, hopefully, is that as you get better at LinkedIn, the skills are transferrable into your everyday career and life.

Publish when it terrifies you

Spoiler alert: The content people have loved the most from my LinkedIn account that got shared hundreds of thousands of times was the content I was scared shitless to post.

If you feel as though you need some courage to hit post, that is the one bit of content that will be helpful. Why? When you’re afraid, that’s you breaking out of your cocoon and transforming your career. It’s the level of heart and vulnerability that champions are made of.

Right now, I have two posts I’ve been sitting on for a few months, and in the next two weeks, I’m going to post them.

I’m shit scared, which means it’s time to be useful.

Accept your insecurities

Not having a business degree, failing at multiple startups, being an asshole for the first few decades of my life — these are my insecurities. Each of these shows up in my career, and LinkedIn is the drug I use to combat them with a baseball bat to the face.

Your insecurities will show up in your content and that is fine. Accept them rather than let them hold you back.

Join group chats

I’m currently in three group chats on LinkedIn with like-minded people. The conversation is amazing and it’s one of the rewards you don’t expect. When I’m being silly or thinking too small, these people hold me accountable.