How I Completely Changed My Career Using LinkedIn!


16 simple strategies to implement straight away and 10X your results

If you had asked me back in 2015 if I’d be doing anything interesting or career-changing on LinkedIn, I would have laughed. Now, I comfortably (without bragging) reach millions of people every month on there with simple written words.

Let me clarify a few things in case you think it’s beyond your reach and I have some secret power. I have no business degree, my best mate is not Warren Buffett (he won’t return my calls either), my teeth are not perfectly white, I’m as tall as a giraffe and certainly no Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although I did get to meet Gary Vaynerchuk, the godfather of social media, recently for sixty seconds and say thanks, followed by a bro hug and then a fist bump.

So my qualifications when I got started right up until today have been pretty dismal and easy for you to mimic if you’d like to transform your own career.

In the world of your career, there is only one platform that matters: LinkedIn. For some reason, there are no competitors and nowhere else you need to be. This makes life easy because you don’t need to be on ten platforms for your career and doing a handstand at the same time while feeling nauseous. You can sit back, relax and go all in, in one place.

Finally, in the advice below there’ll be no personal branding, selfies, high-fives with Jeff Weiner, or typical advice that you can read in an article with a stock photo of dudes in suits looking happy and winning, of course.

Let’s get started.


These years were lonely on LinkedIn because it took time to find my voice. Also, there was no good advice to follow or mentors to help me. These were the years of building the habit of posting on LinkedIn above everything else.

The mistakes I made

  • Not posting enough
  • Never engaging with anyone
  • Sharing the wrong content
  • Being overly selfish
  • Caring about followers
  • Not having the courage to post the good stuff

How to Absolutely Crush It on LinkedIn

To get to the point quickly and easily, for every practical tip I give you that has worked for me, I’m going to give you a soft skill that is also required. Basically, if you act like an A-hole, nothing I say is going to help. You need practical and soft skills to win on LinkedIn.

Post a story

If LinkedIn had a currency, then stories would be it, and those who focus on them would be millionaires.

When I first started posting on LinkedIn, I made the mistake of it being my personal journal and a day-in-the-life of someone you don’t know or care about. The aim is incredibly simple: Tell stories, share your experiences and get to the point.

What can you teach us all or remind us of that is going to help our career?

Inject humility, get high, and overdose on it

The soft skill that has helped me the most on LinkedIn is being humble. This means remembering that I don’t have all the answers, I’m not the best, and the world wasn’t built around me and my awesomeness.

This soft skill has transferred into other areas of my life too, which is helpful. When you show up on LinkedIn, dial down your ego, don’t ask for followers, don’t create your own hashtag, and don’t tell us all that you can do it all.

Be humble and show up every day on LinkedIn with something to say that can help others with their career. Value is created on LinkedIn by being helpful, entertaining, or being a teacher.

What will my boss think?

This one took me years to understand. The psychology of a LinkedIn user in one sentence is this question. People engage with content with this question in the back of their mind.