12 Best Fat Burning Foods – The Last One is The Most Important


These 12 foods will help you slim down the minute they leave your fork and enter your mouth! Make sure these are added to your shopping list on your next trip.

#12 Grapefruit

Adding Vitamin C rich foods to your diet is a great way to boost your metabolism and help burn fat. Half a grapefruit for breakfast is a great way to start your day, and will help you feel fuller and prevent overeating.

#11 Black Pepper

Pepper, and in particular black pepper, is a great way to help reduce the formation of fat cells and boost your metabolism, meaning that adding it to your food is a great way to help shed pounds without having to make big changes to your diet.

#10 Cinnamon

Adding cinnamon to your diet can help suppress monster appetites by lowering blood sugar levels. This spice is great in teas, coffee, and yogurt, but can also be added to other dishes for a little flavor boost.

Note** Try your best to purchase Ceylon cinnamon; the ingredient Coumarin, found in high amounts in Cassia Cinnamon, is known to have harmful effects on the body.

#9 Eggs

The allure of eggs is that they are low in calories and contain 7 grams of protein, as well as other beneficial nutrients. Studies have shown that eating eggs for breakfast will significantly lower the amount of calories you may want to consume later in the day. Although the yolk is high in cholesterol, it does hold its benefits – consuming inmoderation is advised.

#8 Apples (and of course fruits in general)

Fruits are your friends when it comes to losing weight; they offer countless benefits and still satisfy your taste buds. The beauty of fruit is that it’ll not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but it also does not harm the body the same way processed sugars do (sugar is the reason people accumulate fat). Apples, when eaten with skin, hold a good amount of fiber and water and help you feel full.

#7 Green Tea

The importance of green tea in battling body fat could not be stressed enough; the phytochemical catechins, found in green tea, is known to speed metabolisms. It is better to consume green tea hot because it will help you lengthen the experience and increase the benefits. Adding honey and lemon to your green tea will not only add to the health factor, but will make the tea incredibly delicious.

#6 Blueberries

If you have been getting your blueberry intake through muffins and pancaks, then you’ve been doing blueberries wrong. Not only are blueberries high in insoluble fiber, antioxidants, and tasty goodness, a half cup worth of them are only worth 40 calories. For something different try blueberries on salads or in smoothies.

#5 Almonds

Although nuts in general will aid in body fat loss, almonds are the best for your wallet. They are packed with protein, fiber, and heart healthy fats. One serving of almonds (about 23) will help you stay full. The best thing about almonds is they’re portable. A serving is easy to carry with you wherever you go so incorporating them in your routine should be easy.

#4 Chilies

You’ll be looking hot after eating some hot peppers! They contain the ingredient capsaicin, which is known to suppress appetite. Cayenne peppers, habaneros, and jalapenos are some mainstream choices.

#3 Coffee

Yes, the world’s most beloved beverage is also on the list as studies show that coffee (mainly caffeine) speeds the metabolism. However, this is the case when it is taken without fattening add-ins like sugar and cream. Also, please be aware that too much caffeine can have very harmful effects on the body; so keep your intake to 1-3 cups a day.

#2 Quinoa

One of the biggest misconceptions about carbs is that is that they cause you to gain weight. Its actually not the carbs that make you gain weight but the type of carbs that do.. Quinoa is high in fiber and protein which will make you feel full. Unlike other grains, it is low on the glycemic index; this means that it doesn’t raise your blood sugar which in turn keeps you from craving sugar and carbs.

#1 Vegetables

If you thought you are going to shed fat without vegetables, you’re wrong. Vegetables are packed with amazing nutrition and fiber to keep you full. It is suggested that you eat at least 2-3 cups of vegetables every day. For those who turn away from eating vegetables, perhaps you will find its benefits by blending them into a smoothie (remember “blend” not” juice”).

Honorable Mentions
Lean meats
Greek Yogurt
Sweet Potatoes